Brock Tomahawk Pipe



Brock Tomahawk Pipe




“This tomahawk was presented to Chief Tecumseh by order of General Sir Isaac Brock, on the Detroit River at Fort Malden or Amherstberg in Western Canada, on the occasion of Tecumseh and his warriors concluding to join forces with the British Soldiers. Some half dozen of this pattern of tomahawk and pipe of peace had been made by royal order of George III, and sent to America to be presented to the Head Chiefs of any tribe who might join forces with the British against the Americans. Tecumseh had this tomahawk in his belt behind his belt medal when he was killed at the Battle of the River Thames in Western Canada. Oshawana, Tecumseh’s chief warrior, removed the belt medal and the tomahawk from his body as he was leaning up against a tree when he had received his first wound. Various traditions are extant to the final details of the death of Tecumseh, but the general conclusion is that his followers carried away and concealed his body so that it might not fall into the hands of his foes.”


Royal Ontario Museum

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Tomahawk Peacepipe