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Tecumseh Material Culture

Chatham-Kent Museum

Powder Horn

Powder horn. Courtesy of the Chatham-Kent Museum.

Powder horn originally belonged to the great Indian chief, Tecumseh; given in exchange to Christopher Arnold, son of Frederick Arnold, on the morning of October 5, 1813, at the dam of Arnold's Mill, River Road, Howard Township; Tecumseh then crossed the River Thames, joined his Indians, and fell in the subsequent Battle of the Thames, Moraviantown”

Dinner Table

Dinner table where Tecumseh likely ate his last meal. Courtesy of Chatham-Kent Museum.

“Made of cherry; piece of wood moves out to support leaves; four square legs are slightly tapered. From the estate of June Weir who was born in Chatham in 1891; for a number of years she taught at McKeough School. Indian Chief Tecumseh had breakfast on this table en route to Chatham, at the old McCrae farm (later Huff's Orchard) where the donor's grandmother was born; family always referred to this table as the 'Tecumseh Table'."